December 23, 2021

Welcome to Lemmalyticaan app for text analytics. If you've ever wanted to explore your documents in fine-grained detail, then Lemmalytica is the tool for you. To get started, head over to the app, enter text into the provided form, and hit "analyze". After the analyzer runs, the app will provide you with a variety of statistics in the below categories.

  • Words: Statistics like word count, word length, and lexical diversity. Also a sorted list of the top words in your document by frequency count.

  • Sentences: A quick sentence count and average length, along with copies of the shortest and longest sentence in your text.

  • Readability: Calculations of various readability metrics to understand how difficult your text is for readers. Each metric includes a link to a corresponding reference.

  • Entities: Lemmalytica uses named-entity recognition (NER) to extract and count entities from various categories (people, dates, organizations, etc.)

Lemmalytica is just get started and we hope you'll check back frequently to see what new features we have added. And if you have an idea for a feature you want to see, then feel free to contact us any time!

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to hearing about how you're using Lemmalytica!